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At La Sable Patisserie we believe in creating deserts that will make every event special. We aim to push the boundaries on the traditional french style desserts and make them our own. Our team are extremly passionate about french style desserts and all of our products are made from the highest quality ingredients.
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Award Winning Pastry Chef

What Our Customers Say

Gemma James

In our opinion they rate amongst the best pastries we’ve EVER eaten – and we’ve travelled around London, Switzerland and New York in search of the perfect delicious treat! Just delicious! The chefs at La Sable just have a way of balancing flavour. The food is also visually stunning – every detail is carefully considered and it’s hard to find a flaw. They taste exactly as they promise and it is 100% worth the calories.

Jarek Miliszewski

Delicious coffee, delectable pastries, inviting ambiance, friendly staff; La Sable is my favourite destination for a morning coffee and/or snack. The pies, sausage rolls, bread and croissants are amazing. The cakes (especially the humble vanilla slice), unbelievable. If you haven’t been, I would strongly recommend a visit (even open on Saturday).

Owen Elliott

I come here every weekend they have great food, amazing coffee and lovely staff!

Tracy Hughes

Great people and lovely pastries, what more could you ask for??

Warren Bitner

Amazing cakes and pastries, awesome coffee and friendly staff.

Amanda Kiley

Love this place. Friendly staff who remember regulars. Coffee is tasty and the food is so amazing it’s simply indescribable. Worth the trip.

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